2019 - a festival of mental health and arts

In 2019 we enjoyed 10 amazing days in May with over 40 events, Community Awards, and a Festival at Home programme.

All ages playing roles from ambassadors to stewards, cooks, performers and speakers. Truly a community event to remember.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Tonya, Festivalgoer

So nice to see our community coming together  and raising awareness of mental health. I was so impressed at how varied and inclusive the Festival was.

Mariot Dallas,

Freedom of Mind Choir

Every successful performance means a lot in terms of building confidence and self-esteem. It was clear as the choir left for home that this experience had been important and special for them. 

Charlotte, Festivalgoer

I found that it genuinely did spark conversations about mental health - often between strangers and some I spoke to had never considered the importance of mental wellbeing before.