A year of small changes

This is how community works. You're dancing at the Hogmanay ceilidh and someone who used to live in your street comes up and tells you about a friend who does a great blog ... and so the connections grow. We're delighted that a group of Killermont friends has agreed to provide content for the website about health and wellbeing.

Introducing A Year of Small Changes...

"Thanks for giving Ayearofsmallchanges the opportunity to be a partner.

Our vision is to give everyone who wants health, wellbeing and lifestyle advice at any level easy access to the evidence-based information that they deserve, and that more often than not we just don't have time to share properly in our day jobs.

The information we're talking about is not related to drugs with their doses and side effects, it's the other stuff - the "soft" stuff that is all too often neglected, maybe because it's not seen to be "medical" and therefore not glamorous, expensive or high-tech enough. But despite that it has great potential to prevent or treat many of the common modern conditions we are familiar with. In many cases it's more important than the drugs and free from any harmful side effects! More often than not, the small changes we are referring to come with a healthy dose of feel good factor, positivity and an increased sense of self worth, a great start to anyone's journey towards health and wellbeing.

We are:

Izzy Howat - a consultant in diabetes and endocrinology, with a special interest in weight related problems.

Laura Coia-a GP based in Glasgow, who has previously worked in the local Addiction Service.

Arlene Snee – a dietician who specialises in type 2 diabetes

Grant Yuill- a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and mobility specialist.

Since October we have regularly be publishing blog posts on a wide variety of topics such as sleep and its importance, community and men’s health. The full posts are available on our website and you can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for motivational tips as well as short versions of our full articles. We’d love you to come and take a look.'

Great to have you.

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