Family therapy

Many stages in family life are difficult – illness, unemployment, new family members, getting older, divorce, death or trauma. Sometimes we can deal with these well, other times it is much harder. For all sorts of reasons, small things can sometimes feel like a huge challenge. And sometimes, we need outside help.

Jackie Young runs an independent family therapy service and will be on hand to meet parents to talk about her work as part of The Stables Soapbox on 19th May.

'It was hard at first but family therapy made it easy to talk about difficult things.'

Many people are not familiar with family therapy. It is a branch of psychotherapy which helps people in family relationships. This can be families with young children or teenagers; it can be adult children and their parents; siblings; couples; adopted children; step families ... sometimes our clients come alone. Often, it is relationship or communication problems that bring families to family therapy. Sometimes it is one family member who is finding things difficult. Sometimes the whole family is affected.

'Family therapy opens up questions … it makes you look at things from a different point of view.'

We work with children, adults, individuals or whole families – whatever combinations work best for each particular family. Often, one or more family members will be experiencing emotional or mental health difficulties. Sometimes parents are finding it difficult to manage the behaviour of their children. Other times, some family members are struggling to cope with or understand the behaviour of others. Some families come to us because they are finding it difficult to cope with a significant family event such as separation, bereavement or domestic abuse.

'Family therapy made me feel more confident that I could talk to my children - confident I could understand what was in their heads and react to that.'

In Scotland, most family therapists work with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), part of the NHS. We are an independent family therapy service which families can access directly. Our website is where you can find more information about us and about family therapy. We are regulated by AFT ( and UKCP (

Family Therapy at NK Stables Soapbox on 19 May at 12-2pm.

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