It's the journey that matters, in the end

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

A busy week of festival preparations. We've walked through each day in our heads and worked out the areas needing more thought and more inputs. We have thought more deeply about why this festival's focus on mental health is coming at the right time for this community, even with our comparative wealth and opportunities.

We've met with our opening night anchor, performers, care providers, school children, volunteers and a great blogger. We've asked people to bring us their own life stories, because telling our stories is the best way to understand ourselves.

And from every meeting we have come away feeling so positive about how community works. Without exception, the discussions have led to more than we hoped for when we started the conversation. We're tapping into a deep well of goodwill and sense of responsibility for our community. So who knows where these new links will take us in future?

It's not just going to be great, it's fabulous just making the journey towards May.

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