Meet Ageless Art

A chance encounter at the end of 2018 brought us in touch with a community arts partnership that ticks so many of Bearsden Festival's boxes.

Ageless Art’s vision is to provide arts & crafts for all ages.   Art for Art’s sake but with an underlying purpose of improving mental health and wellbeing by CONNECTING people ….

CONNECTING people with their community and new friends,

CONNECTING people with hidden talents and long lost interests (especially after taking care of families, bereavement, retirement, life changes).  

CONNECTING people with themselves …. The mindful nature of arts & crafts makes it easier to block out the noise of stress, worries and sadness of everyday life and focus on creating something completely new.

The team

Ageless Art was founded in 2016 by Geraldine Scott and Lynsey Hunter.

Lynsey is Glasgow School of Art graduate, an experienced jeweller, art tutor and a COSCA trained counsellor.  

Geraldine is a Primary Teacher with a marketing background and she worked for many years with Breathing Space and partners such as See Me and Choose Life in the national campaign to improve Scotland’s Mental Health & Wellbeing.  

Their story

Geraldine explains “The foundations of Ageless Art are firmly rooted in mental health - or more specifically a shared love of running. Running gives us both our ‘Breathing Space’  - by pounding the pavements we get a chance to give our domestic stresses a good airing.

“It was during these ‘mummy miles’ that we connected - it's hard to hide your true self when you are running your 10th mile on the West Highland Way on a freezing January morning. We connected over our kids, our careers, and our love of arts & crafts.

“From those conversations and weekly crafting sessions in each other’s kitchens,  a shared Pinterest board was born entitled ‘Ageless Art’ - a wish list of ideas and inspiration grew into a weekly programme of arts & crafts workshops for all ages in venues throughout Bearsden & Milngavie”.

Lynsey adds “We provide a ‘safe and inclusive’ creative space to get hands on with arts & crafts projects. The person-centred Ageless Art approach is based on our counselling skills.

Mature Makers...

“Our ‘Mature Makers’ project meets weekly, with members ranging from ages 50 - 97. Many members are dealing with bereavement, loneliness and ill health. Feedback from participants has shown that ‘meeting new friends’ and ‘having a sense of purpose’ are some of the reasons they come along to the group.

... and Mini Makers

“In March of this year we introduced our ‘Mini Makers’ project - weekly term time workshops for children age 7 onwards. We plan to introduce intergenerational activities during 2019 - handing on skills and providing a forum for the sharing of experiences that encourage personal growth and improved confidence and wellbeing in both older and younger people.”

Look out for Geraldine and Lynsey in the Creative Zone and Play Zone. They'll also be bringing their arts and ethos into schools and care homes through the week. Perfect partners!

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