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Hosting The Inspire Project, TV Presenter Ali Douglas

The eagle-eyed may have noticed that The Inspire Project on Saturday 18 May will now be hosted by TV presenter Ali Douglas. We are delighted that Ali can join us.

For more than 20 years Ali's career saw her make history by becoming the first female to present Scottish Premier League football for Sky Sports, as well as presenting the national news on ITV and a whole lot more.

Ali was 35 years old when she was finally diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and everything changed. That's when she embarked on a whole new adventure, a new relationship, a son, and a new way of looking at life.

At the end of last year, Ali had her first book published. In Beautiful Chaos she lays her life bare, and in an upbeat, and at times even humorous way, takes the reader on a journey from her darkest days to her brighter future, showing how she learned to find beauty in chaos.

Now an active mental health advocate, Ali hopes that in sharing her journey, she might offer comfort to others, and is keen to promote the idea that mental illness should be talked about freely and without fear. 

In embracing an inclusive and non-judgemental approach, Ali believes positive mental health can be enjoyed by us all, and that coming together as a community tonight, we can celebrate positivity and wellbeing.

Thank you for coming on board, Ali!

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