The Why of the Festival…

Some thoughts about why this Festival is coming at the right time for Bearsden, and actually is right for any community to have a look at together. Would be delighted if you would add your own thoughts below...

Because we’ve all got mental health

Because creativity and the arts can relieve stress, allow expression, improve mood

Because mental health begins with our own wellbeing and we don’t all know how to respond to that without thinking we have a problem

Because we all know someone… close… with anxiety, depression, isolation…

Because fear of speaking up can affect all aspects of our lives and makes things worse

Because it helps to talk and it’s okay not to be okay

Because being a community is more than saying hello through social media

Because being a community is recognising that all of us have messy lives and that’s the reality instagram tries to ignore

Because being a community doesn’t work when we imagine our neighbour has brainier children, better kept gardens, better jobs but rather when share all our gifts, needs, hopes and worries

Because when our primary school children already feel anxious about life and learning we need to offer a different agenda

Because loneliness and social isolation is a growing issue, and not just with our older generation

Because raising awareness and connecting people might just make a big difference to someone who needs it

Because mental health is not an individual experience

Because mental health is not something someone else has

Because mental health is what we all have. We own it.

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