Community wellbeing at heart
Welcome to the website of the Bearsden Festival.
We are thrilled to begin designing a Covid-safe festival with community wellbeing at heart in 2021.
More on this soon - in the meantime please browse the site to find out more about our 2019 events.

Raise awareness,

tackle stigma,

connect people in


Relax and enjoy

the wellbeing

benefits of

excellent arts.

Get involved, try new experiences, make new friends and have fun.



what people say

Tonya, Festivalgoer

So nice to see our community coming together  and raising awareness of mental health. I was so impressed at how varied and inclusive the Festival was.

Mariot Dallas,

Freedom of Mind Choir

Every successful performance means a lot in terms of building confidence and self-esteem. It was clear as the choir left for home that this experience had been important and special for them. 

Charlotte, Festivalgoer

I found that it genuinely did spark conversations about mental health - often between strangers and some I spoke to had never considered the importance of mental wellbeing before.

We want:

the whole community to engage with the arts and experience its benefits for mental health and wellbeing

to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing by providing a platform for sharing information and signposting, discussions and art experiences

to enable those affected by mental health issues to come together and make connections, develop confidence and find new sources of support

to highlight the issue of loneliness and social isolation in our community and begin to explore how we as a community can address this

to pursue a longer-term goal to develop community networks and actions that support our residents with wellbeing, resilience and recovery

everyone who takes part to leave better informed, inspired and empowered.




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