Our story and ethos

Bearsden Festival has been running on and off since 2013. The all age community festival looks different every time - we draw themes from what's going on in the world and what matters to our community. And every one is focused on bringing local people together to inspire, challenge and entertain.

We welcome participation and ideas. so if you are are an artist or community organisation with an idea or have a passion for event planning please get in touch to info@bearsdenfestival.org

Open to all

The committee and a large army of volunteers and partners work hard to bring the Festival to life.


We want to be an inclusive organisation and ensure that everyone feels safe and valued taking part in the Festival. Everyone has a responsibility to ensure Equal Opportunities.  

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, whether to sit on the committee or help out at events and projects.


Bearsden Festival Association is committed to ensuring that all volunteers, participants and festival-goers are safe. We have developed safeguarding policies to meet these commitments, which can be accessed below. If you have any concerns about your wellbeing or safety or have concerns about any child or adult at risk attending a Festival event or project, then you should:

  • Talk to a Team Leader or go to the Festival Office, during main Festival events;

  • Contact any member of the Bearsden Festival Association committee;

  • Email info@bearsdenfestival.org 

Safeguarding policy

Complaints policy

Contacting us

We assemble a planning team for each festival and lie pretty dormant when it's done but you can always reach us via our email at info@bearsdenfestival.org.


You'll also find us posting thoughts, sharing local news and ideas on social media.

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