Bearsden Festival 2022 

We're all going on a shark hunt!

Our Bearsden Festival 2022 is inspired by the discovery of the Bearsden Shark in the Manse Burn exactly 40 years ago in 1982.  We have already toured to all nine local primary schools as well as some care homes and sheltered housing, using drama, music and poetry to tell the story of this world-famous 330-million-year-old fossil.

Over two weeks in June we gave 15 performances in 12 venues and played to over 1,350 people. Phew!

Thank you to the amazingly talented performers – actor and storyteller Raymond Wilson, cellist and actor Simone Seales – as well as to theatre-maker Hannah Justad for devising the show. 

Family Fun Filmmaking Day
Saturday 23 July 2022 // 10:00-15:00


Family Fun Filmmaking Day (5hrs)

Saturday 23rd July, 10am – 3pm

Age range: adults + children (suitable 12+)

Venue: New Kilpatrick Church Hall, 28 Kirk Pl, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 3RT



Book here!


We invite your family to take part in a fun, interactive film workshop that require no previous experience, only a bit of imagination, access to a smart phone and a sense of adventure.


Over the course of 5 hours working with your family members you will be taught how to make short stop animation films/interviews. Then working with craft materials and props you will be set mini film challenges. At the end of the workshop, we will all sit down and watch the films.


There are limited places, so sign up today to book your place.


This event is part of the Bearsden Festival. Inspired by the Bearsden Shark the theme of this year’s festival is undiscovered stories and things.


How will it work?


We will all meet at New Kilpatrick Church Hall and working with our team of film experts, Felix and Max, they will teach everyone some very basic filmmaking skills. We might also ask you to download a free stop animation app prior to the workshop or even bring a few things from home.


We will then set the first challenge, tell us something that you like that is surprising or unexpected about a member of your family and create a short stop animation to express this. For example, I might say that my ‘sister has a hidden talent for playing the drums’. I might then do a stop animation of a drumstick twirling on a table or a stop animation drawing of her playing the drums.


Lunch (45 mins)


In the final challenge you will all be given a cut out shape of the Bearsden Shark, then working with craft materials you must create a under water world for this shark and create a short stop animation video of the shark swimming through your world. We will then join all the different videos together to create one video.




How many people per family?


There is a maximum of 6 people in each family.


Does family include extended family?  


Yes, aunties, uncles, cousins, in fact anyone you consider family.


Do I need to bring a smartphone or any other equipment?


Ideally, we would like each family to have access to one smart phone, although if this is going to be a problem let the organisers know. All other equipment and craft materials will be provided.  


Does everyone need to book separately?


No, each ‘family’ will only need to book once with one point of contact. However, there is limited places so I would book asap here


Is this a free event?




Is lunch included? 


No, can you bring your own lunch and there are also shops nearby.


Who is running the project?


The project is a collaboration between the Bearsden Festival and the Mobile Film School. The Mobile Film School is a Glasgow based film company run by Felix Gilfedder. Felix is an experienced film professional and educator who currently works part time lecturing in film and media at Glasgow Clyde College.


What will happen with the films?


We will show the films at the end of the workshop, you can also keep them to share with friends and family. Some of the films might be played at the Bearsden Festival (Sept 2022), however this is based on each family team’s permission. There will be permission forms to sign at the event to accommodate this.

Weekend Film Challenge
Friday 29 July – Sunday 31 July 2022

When: Friday 29th – Saturday 31st of July  

Where: Bearsden Cross Church Hall, 59 Drymen Rd, Bearsden, Glasgow, G61 2SU

Cost: Free

Age range: 12 + 

Number of places: 25


Your team will be given one weekend to write, produce and edit a film on the theme, ‘a huge discovery’. You will also be given a genre (drama, thriller, sci-fi) a prop, a line of dialogue and some basic filmmaking equipment/training.


There is also the opportunity to have these films screened at the Bearsden Festival in Sept 2022!  


NOTE: This film challenge is inspired by the story of the Bearsden Shark.


How do I apply?


To apply please complete this Eventbrite form.

Deadlines for applications: Thursday 28th July


How will it work?


Day 1 Friday, 29th July  (10.00am – 3.30pm)


This is a fun, interactive half day workshop to prepare for the challenge.


We will meet to learn some basic filmmaking skills including working with equipment and learn about story design/structure. This will also give you the opportunity to work in teams and start to develop your ideas.


Day 2 Saturday, 30th July


We will meet in the morning, and you will be given envelopes with the final details for your challenge, along with some equipment. Then it is time to make your film - where, what, how….. is up to you!


Day 3 Sunday, 31st July


We will have a check-up meeting in the morning, and you will have the rest of the day to either film or edit. There will also be the opportunity to use the base for editing and further assistance, training and feedback will be provided throughout.


We will then meet back at 5.00pm.




Do I need to be from Bearsden to take part?


We encourage people from the East Dunbartonshire area to apply but we also accept applications from people and teams across Scotland.  


Who is running the project?


The project is a collaboration between the Bearsden Festival and the Mobile Film School. The Mobile Film School is a Glasgow based film company run by Felix Gilfedder. Felix is an experienced film professional and educator who currently works part time lecturing in film and media at Glasgow Clyde College.


Can I bring along my own equipment?


Yes, we would be happy for you to bring along your own equipment if you think it will help your team, but please inform the film mentors/instructors.


I do not have any experience in filmmaking, should I still apply?


You do not need to have any experience in filmmaking to take part in this project.


What equipment will we be using?


We will encourage each time to use mobile technology including smartphones. However, we will also supply additional equipment that will help you capture more creative shots and quality sound recordings.


Are there any restrictions?


A content guide will be provided to all participants that will outline rules on a number areas including depictions on violence. We also believe that in the spirit of a community event each team will be guided by their own best practice. 


What about adding music or any other licensing issues?


Licensing rules will be covered during the challenge and the filmmakers will have access to a licensed music and sound effects library.


What if I am 12 - 17yrs ?


If you are 16 - 17yrs we will require parent/guardian permission. If you are under 16yrs you MUST get a parent or guardian to register on your behalf


What happens if we do not finish?


The most important thing is that the filming is completed. There is room for a bit of negotiated wiggle room if there is still work to do on the edit.


Will there be supervision/safeguarding measures in place?


All members of the facilitation team will be PVG checked. Under 16s must have a signed permission forms from parent/guardian and any team with members under 18 will be supervised.

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Calling all Fossil Hunters!
Manse Burn Walks – Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Starting and finishing at Baljaffray Church, Mugdock Ranger Alan McBride will lead four paleontological and geological walks to the site of the discovery of the Bearsden Shark. Both adult and family-friendly versions will be available. Book your place below!