Green Shoots Programme

We're excited to be back on track with our first activity since Covid-19. 

It's shaping up to be a celebration of our wellbeing, nature and the environment!



21 April at 8-9 pm

Join environmental campaigner Laura Young to find out simple ways to reduce waste and tackle climate change - with a focus on sustainable fashion.

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12 May at 8-9 pm

Clinical psychologists Jan, Catherine and Jo from The Wellbeing Rooms will talk about shared experiences and losses, and share tips to help us all move on.

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15 May: one hour sessions

Operation Play Outdoors!

Firm favourites from our 2019 festival, Craig and the Operation Play Outdoors team are back with socially distanced loose parts play sessions for pre-school and primary children.

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Bearsden Baptist Church

21 Roman Road

Projects: Easter

Easter Pots of Hope was a creative partnership project to bring decorated pots of primulas to many older Bearsden residents who may be feeling isolated during lockdown. 


Led by New Kilpatrick Parish Church, the project aimed to reach over 300 individuals, and so the Festival Team helped to recruit pupils attending hub school to paint 150 terracotta pots, while the congregation knitted, painted and decorated the rest. Then a planting team prepared the pots and 40 distributors took them round to 300 isolated senior residents for Easter, with love. 

A huge thank you to Bearsden Academy, Bearsden PS, Baljaffray PS, Mosshead PS and Castlehill PS for their wonderful creativity and the little messages along with the pots. We know these have been difficult times for the children too and each child received an Easter treat donated by Sainsbury's for their sterling efforts!